Best Practice Guides

Best Practice Guides
The purpose of the guides, listed below, is to assist new volunteers when they first join NFS.  Also to provide advice to all members concerning safety and care for our sailors and equipment.  We appreciate that when it comes to boats, ropes and seamanship, there are many ways to achieve the same results; however, when we are training new people, it helps if we are consistent in our approach. Consequently, the Committee has approved these guides as appropriate for NFS.  Many thanks to those who have already contributed to producing these guides.
If you have any comments or suggestions we are always willing to consider them; just email Chris Wales at:
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Date AddedHandoutType
May 2022NFS Power Boat InstructionsDocument
Feb 2017Induction for New VolunteersDocument
April 20162.4 Pre- Sailing InstructionsDocument
July 2013Servo Boat Systems - Batteries & ChargingDocument
Mar 2012Fitting a SlingDocument & Video
Oct 2012Fitting sling for wheelchair userDocument
Feb 2011Moving and Handling of PeopleDocument
Oct 2010Fitting sling for sailor who can walkDocument
June 2010Positioning boat for hoistDocument
June 2010Quick Guide to RT ProcedureDocument
Jun 2010Rigging an Access 303Document
April 2010Fitting life-jacket for wheelchair userDocument
April 2010Using the hoistDocument & Video
Mar 2010Parts of an Access DinghyDocument
2010Assisting Returning BoatsDocument