Spinnaker Club

Spinnaker Club – Entitlements of NFS Members

The use of Spinnaker’s facilities by NFS members is subject to Spinnaker’s Rules and Bylaws, which are published on the clubhouse notice board and in the Spinnaker yearbook.

As an NFDS Member you do not have the same rights as a full member of The Spinnaker Club.

In detail – this is what you can do:-

  • You can attend NFS recognised sessions/events on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays throughout the   year, plus any other NFS sailing days which are organised for special groups.
  • You may take part in Spinnaker’s Wednesday evening and Sunday racing in NFS boats.
  • You can visit the Club at any time to socialise, but you are not permitted to sail, unless you sail as a guest of a Spinnaker Member in that member’s boat. Please note when sailing as a guest of a Spinnaker Member you must be signed in as a guest in the Spinnaker visitors’ book. Also note this is limited to six occasions in any one year.
  • You can take part in Spinnaker organised training sessions at the Spinnaker Club rate. See Spinnaker Adult Courses.
  • You can join NFS courses run by Sailability instructors on RYA qualifying courses. Please note a payment will be required by Spinnaker for the final test, certificate and administration.
  • You can join NFS work parties to maintain/refurbish NFS boats, including launching, rigging and test sailing, at any time, as long as it does not interfere with any activities/event at The Spinnaker Club.

In detail – this is what you cannot do, as an NFS member
Other than stated above you cannot sail on the lake at any time in

* a NFDS boat
* a boat hired from Spinnaker
* your own boat
* someone else’s boat

How to become a full member of The Spinnaker Club
After completing a qualifying period as an NFS Member, you are entitled to a concession on the Spinnaker joining fee. If you wish to join The Spinnaker Club please speak to Eric Blyth NFS Chairman, who is a Spinnaker Main Committee Member and can sign your application form.