Race Coaching and Team

Race Coaching and Team

Once sailors have progressed to helming a boat independently many are keen to apply their newfound skill in racing. Racing brings many new challenges into sailing, the enjoyment of competition and new skills and techniques to develop. These include improvements in sail setting and helming, understanding of the wind direction and strength and its impact on the boat and other boats nearby and tactics to benefit from it, and learning and applying the complex Racing Rules of Sailing.


Our Thursday afternoon coaching covers sailing and racing technique, generally with a short session on shore followed by practice exercises afloat and a few, quite relaxed short races.

Racing Team

The Hansa Class UK https://www.hansaclass.org.uk/  run an active and competitive series of Travellers’ Trophy events throughout the United Kingdom with around 10 in England and an annual National Championships. New Forest Sailability hosts a TT each year and the Nationals on a regular basis.

NFS racing team members are frequent competitors in the TT events with podium positions in both the TT series and Nationals in recent years.

Steve Kitson is the Race representative on the Management Committee and key race team member.