Our members at NFS comprise both those that come to enjoy sailing with us, our disabled sailors generally known as just “Sailors”, and our volunteers that make it all happen. There is quite considerable overlap between the two groups.

Within this section of the website you will find information, including links to other documents, that applies to members generally. There are separate sections of the website that are specific to Sailors here and Volunteers here.~You should familiarise yourself with any of the documents listed below or on the other sections, which may relate to the roles you adopt. You may need to use some of the other documents occasionally or find them useful as reference.

New Forest & District Sailability (commonly known as New Forest Sailability or NFS) is a registered charity No 1105212 with the purpose of providing recreational sailing to disabled people. You will find the NFS Constitution here. Our AGM minutes and recent Financial Accounts are available within the Members section here to all current members on signing in.

Our activities are managed by the volunteers on our NFS Management Committee, who are also Trustees of the charity. These roles and the work they do are vital to the successful running of the organisation day to day and securing a successful future for the benefit of our sailors. See here the details of the present Committee Members and the roles they fulfil and additional information on the management of NFS is available here Management.

Spinnaker Club and Membership
The clubhouse and lake are operated by Spinnaker Sailing Club and NFS volunteers and sailors become Federated members under the NFS Group Membership agreement. It is important to respect this relationship, including understanding that we share the facilities with other Spinnaker Sailing Club members. Members should be familiar with the Spinnaker Sailing Club Operating Procedures Manual

The NFS Group Membership agreement provides us with non-exclusive use of the lake and facilities, such as the Clubhouse, on our sailing days. If there are Spinnaker activities on the same day, for example children’s courses or University team coaching, then the OOD will agree with Spinnaker the appropriate parts of the lake to be used by each group.

Individual Federated members are not entitled to keep or sail a boat at Spinnaker or otherwise use the facilities outside NFS activities unless they become a Spinnaker member in their own right.

We have a long standing and close relationship with Spinnaker, including NFS having contributed significantly to the rebuilding of the Clubhouse and invested in our pontoons that are available for Spinnaker members.

Risk Assessment and Policies
As Group members of Spinnaker Sailing Club, our risk assessment is naturally closely aligned to theirs, from which ours has been developed. Our management of risk is dependent on adherence to our policies, guidance and management structure and the training that we offer to volunteers and sailors. Much of this is cross-referenced in the Risk assessment below and available in the relevant sections of the website.

Covid-19 risk Assessment
Risk Assessment
Health and Safety Policy statement
Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection policy

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