Volunteer Roles

Volunteer Roles
We run a happy team of volunteers where everyone is flexible and prepared to help wherever necessary. We want you to enjoy your role, and become a valued member of our team. The information given on the role profiles below provide a guide to some of the duties you may undertake:

  • Role of Volunteer Receptionist
  • Role of Volunteer Co-ordinator
  • Role of Volunteer On-Shore Crew & Skipper
  • Role of Officer Of the Day (OOD)

Guidance for new volunteers or those wishing to refresh their knowledge is available in our “Best Practice Guides.”
Our activities are managed by the volunteers on our NFS Management Committee, who are also Trustees. These roles and the work they do are vital to the successful running of the organisation day to day and securing a successful future for the benefit of our sailors. The extent of commitment from members of the Committee is flexible and people only do as much as they wish. There is nearly always scope for new volunteers to join the committee, or to gain an introduction by helping in a role but without joining the committee. See here the details of the present Committee Members and the roles they fulfil.
The RYA promotes The Team Sailability Scheme under which there is a Volunteer’s Log Book

We aim to have a minimum of 20 volunteers on duty

  • 2 for the safety boat
  • 4 for reception + 1 with radio on pontoon
  • 9 skippers for 303s, double boats
  • 1 Pontoon Co-coordinators
  • 4 on the pontoon

Radios: we have 20. These are held by:

  • OOD
  • Reception
  • Safety boat driver
  • Pontoon co-coordinator
  • one for every skipper on the water