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This page last updated on 16 April, 2018

Charity No. 1105212

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The use of Spinnaker’s facilities by NFDS members is subject to Spinnaker’s Rules and Bylaws, which are published on the clubhouse notice board and in the Spinnaker yearbook.

As an NFDS Member you do not have the same rights as a full member of The Spinnaker Club.

In detail - this is what you can do:-

In detail - this is what you cannot do, as an NFDS member

Other than stated above you cannot sail on the lake at any time in

How to become a full member of The Spinnaker Club

After completing a qualifying period as an NFDS Member, you are entitled to a concession on the Spinnaker joining fee. If you wish to join The Spinnaker Club please speak to Eric Blyth NFDS Chairman, who is a Spinnaker Main Committee Member and can sign your application form.

Spinnaker Club - Entitlements of NFDS Members